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Natasha Eric

Consultant - Media & Communications

Natasha Eric has seamlessly integrated her skills into the SAS Group, excelling over the past two years. Starting as an Account Associate, she now serves as a Media and Communications Consultant, managing a diverse client portfolio.

Prior to her SAS Group tenure, Natasha demonstrated her prowess in brand strategy at a design agency. As the lead copywriter, she shaped authentic brands through tone of voice, content strategy, and brand storytelling. Her journey extended to the clean beauty sector, where she, as a Marketing Assistant, adeptly engaged consumers via various social media channels.

Natasha holds an MBA in Public Relations and a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a Criminology minor. This unique blend of education underscores her strategic thinking and analytical depth. Her multifaceted experience spans event management, media, and brand awareness across retail, agriculture, and social justice sectors.

A true advocate of the written word’s power, Natasha believes in its ability to move the masses and build enduring relationships in order to achieve the best results for her clients.

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