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The month of May saw the Treasurer hand down his third Budget.


The Labor government is dealing with ongoing issues in the health portfolio, which has received significant attention in the media, and has been prosecuted by the Opposition in Parliament.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Lisa Palu, Senior Consultant

Companies and organisations often contact the SAS Group because they have a ‘problem with the government’ (any government, any political colour).

Message from the Managing Director – Peter Costantini OAM

There is much research showing vacations are essential for re-balancing and topping-up our limited pool of cognitive resources.

As voters we expect – or at least hope – that our political leaders will do what we consider to be “the right thing”.  And although perceptions of what is “right” will vary, in most cases our elected representatives make decisions that reflect their view of what the public believes or demands.

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