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The right people in the right places

One of the great and lasting strengths of the SAS Group has been its determinedly bipartisan operating model.  Most government relations consultancies tend to have connections into one side of politics or the other.

Since its inception, the SAS Group has always had a former Coalition and a former Labor Minister among its directors, and an array of experienced former staffers from both sides.  The appeal of this model is obvious, but not many other businesses have been able to pull it off.  The secret simply comes down to having the right people in the right places.

SAS Group team members are carefully chosen to fit the business model.  Each of us understands that the political wheel always turns, and that the best value we can provide for our clients is to engage strongly with both sides and be prepared for whatever comes.

More than half of our team are former political practitioners, and understand the ever-changing nature of politics.  This brings a maturity and respect to our internal interactions that we prize greatly, and this in turn gives confidence to our clients that their interests always come ahead of individual political interests and allegiances.

It’s a model that’s worked well for us – and our clients – for 15 years, and as the Queensland and  Australian Governments head into election periods, it will allow us to continue adding value for our clients regardless of the outcomes.

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