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Feeling Vs thinking

Facts matter and the truth can hurt, but that shouldn’t stop individuals, leaders, businesses and institutions from dealing with the realities of life.

As Homo sapiens (Latin ‘wise human’), our big brains enable us to think and feel at greater depth than any other animal.  Humankind has achieved extraordinary highs and abominable lows, but the impact of technology seems to be shortening the wavelengths and amplifying the peaks and troughs. 

The proliferation of technology and mass communication has enabled almost anyone with the means and will to express themselves and exert influence on society. 

This has exponentially increased the quantity and volume of voices we’re exposed to, but without a corresponding focus on quality. 

Emotions and feelings are now overwhelmingly trumpeted over reason and thinking, and every comment and counter-comment adds to the cacophony.  

Unfortunately, headline-grabbing, hip ‘feelings’ are influencing national opinion, which in turn is driving public policy. It’s getting harder in all levels of society to stand up for the facts when people can’t bear the truth.

Moreover, if someone says “I feel …” it’s almost impossible (and very un-PC) to contradict their emotions; whereas if someone says “I think …” it’s possible to discuss the facts upon which they base their thoughts.

“I feel” and “I think” are so commonplace that they sound interchangeable, yet they’re absolute opposites. Feeling is easy, thinking is hard. Feeling precludes debate; thinking encourages it.  

The joy of being human is to honour, enjoy and explore intellectual and emotional intelligence. Emotions helps us judge and place value on the facts. Every fact started as an idea, observation or a feeling, so it makes no sense to dismiss facts when they’ve thoroughly earned their place. 

In our industry, the SAS Group analyses then guides clients through the facts and emotions of every situation toward an outcome based on truth and wisdom. It can be hard for clients when they’re being attacked on all fronts, but our bipartisan team cuts through the confusion to help clients deliver clear messages. 

When you deploy both these extraordinary human traits judiciously, you’ll have greater clarity and effectiveness in your communications. 

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