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Shayne Sutton, Associate Director 

Like so many others, I’ve stopped counting the number of meetings and business events I’ve attended where discussions quickly turn to the difficulties of finding skilled and unskilled people to fill vacancies, the skills shortages everywhere, and the training lead times required to enable enterprise opportunities to be pursued or ensure supply chains aren’t disrupted. Every sector is being impacted.  

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Paddy Hintz, Senior Consultant 

As crisis communications professionals, we’re often called in to put out reputational spot fires. Like any firefighter, we pray that we are called in early enough to prevent the type of conflagration that can bring down careers and severely dent the bottom line. 

Peter Costantini, Managing Director 

Earlier this year, I wrote to you about the SAS Group Integrity Charter. This is our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in our dealings with clients, public servants, and elected representatives. Our aim, in applying these values, is to go further than the behaviours required under the Lobbying Codes of Conduct. 

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