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Lisa Palu, Senior Consultant

You’ve just received confirmation of a time and date to meet with a government Minister key to your company’s business.

Congratulations! It may have taken a while and been difficult to get this meeting, or it may have taken just one phone call and a follow up email. Either way, you now have at least half an hour of one-on-one undivided attention from somebody who can make a real difference to your company’s future.

We at the SAS Group are very proud to have been named the winners of the 2018 Asia-Pacific Public Relations Excellence Awards for Crisis and Reputation Communications.

We were recognised for our campaign on behalf of LUSH Cosmetics Australia, which was forced to confront a serious crisis earlier in the year relating to unintentional underpayment of staff in its retail and manufacturing arms.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced his Ministry following his election as the new leader of the Liberal Party last Friday.

By Scott Emmerson

Most large companies or organisations will have to deal with a significant crisis at some stage. Whether it’s a sudden disaster, such as the tragedy at Dreamworld, or an emerging and evolving threat – the Hayne Royal Commission is a current example for the financial sector - they will usually engage two key consultants, lawyers and public relations/communications advisors.

As foreshadowed in our earlier blog, Josh Frydenberg has been named the new Treasurer by PM Scott Morrison. 

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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