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By Malcolm Cole
Director – Media and Communications

You sometimes hear musicians or actors joke that it took them decades of effort to become an over-night success. While they were clearly talented and worthy, it required the planets to align in a particularly way for them to break through. The same can be said for breaking through in a media and communications sense.

The New South Wales election was held on 28th March.  The Liberal and National Coalition have retained government, with a significant majority.

The win is significant for several reasons:

  • Mike Baird now has a clear mandate for his privatisation agenda, despite heavy negative campaigning by opposition parties and trade unions;
  • The Coalition’s victory has defied the trend in Victoria and Queensland, where first-term Coalition governments were voted out of office;
  • The win occurred in the face of backlash against key elements of the Federal Coalition’s agenda and legislative delays in the Senate.

The swing against the Coalition was very small (3.3% against the Liberal Party and 1.8% against the National Party).

It appears the Coalition will also have a rare majority in the Legislative Council. 

Former Federal Minister and SAS Group Executive Director Larry Anthony discusses the current 'cyclonic' political landscape across Australia.

Watch The Inside Word for more.


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