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We at The SAS Group are devastated by the loss of our founding Chairman, our mentor, and our friend, The Hon. Con Sciacca AO. He was a political legend, an astute and successful businessman, and raconteur and a rascal. His death will leave a large hole in the Australian political landscape, but his achievements for the people of this nation will live on for a very long time. We will miss him terribly.

Statement from Bill Shortern MP, Leader of the Opposition


Today our party and our movement mourns the loss of an icon, a true believer and a
fearless warrior for the Labor cause. We honour Con Sciacca’s life of service to others.
Con was a much-loved member of our Labor family. A mentor, a friend, a constant
source of wise counsel for Prime Ministers, Premiers, generations of Labor
parliamentarians – and indeed people in public life right across the political spectrum.

The Australia India Business Council (AIBC), the peak body facilitating bi-lateral trade and investment between Australia and India, has today announced the launch of a National AIBC Energy Services Export Chapter, with John Short to lead the Chapter as Chair.

The United Kingdom faces an uncertain political future following the recent General Election, that has forced Theresa May and her Conservative Party into Minority Government.

Its official, Australia has had the longest record of economic growth, 26 years in fact, out pacing the Dutch who have fallen into second place.

The Dutch however have a special place in our history, some would even argue that Dirt Hartog was the first European in 1616 to land terra firma on WA’s Shark Bay.

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