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SAS Group Executive Director Larry Anthony discusses the latest in Australian politics. 

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By Lisa Carter, Senior Consultant - SAS Media and Communications

Just like you can’t just auction your home at random and expect to get top dollar, you can’t just whack out a media release and expect to get top coverage!

Media coverage can be a bit like selling your house. You work under the guidance of those-in-the-know to create a plan to achieve your desired outcome – usually getting the maximum price for your home. For media communications specialists like us, it’s gaining maximum (or sometimes minimum, depending on the circumstances) traction for our client’s issue.

By Jonathan Pavetto, Consultant - SAS Group

Queensland businesses are running out of time to intervene in a once in a five-year regulatory process. If your business has high electricity costs, you need to know about the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and its Regulatory Reset for Ergon Energy and Energex. If you don’t want your electricity bills increasing over the next five years, you need to be involved in this process.

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