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Hon. Bernie Ripoll, Director 

With an election just weeks away on 21 May all of us should be considering what this election means to us as individuals, as a family unit and as a nation. I suggest we prioritise that consideration in reverse order.

More often than not when talking to people their first response is how a policy or lack thereof will affect them personally and sometimes how it will affect the country or economy. It’s also difficult to look beyond the immediate next three years to consider where we will be in 20 years’ time and how the decisions we make today will impact our future and by that I mean our children’s’ future. So elections are important, every election, because it is the next three years that shape the direction of the next 20 with of course some tacking and jibing along the way as global and national circumstances change.

Elections should be about the big issues, the big bold plans and the visions about a better future. It must always be about a better future. We can always do better but it does seem as though all the big and difficult debates are too hard and the election being brought down to semantics, bloopers and gotchas. 

We should always hold governments to account regardless of their colour or past record good and bad. And we should always push an alternative government to fight for its ideas and plans, and be prepared to defend and justify their policies.

As a community we should be demanding policies on the big issues that affect us all now and into the future. Serious tax reform, maintaining our standard of living, environmental and climate policies that create jobs and wealth, a national vision on energy, an infrastructure plan that’s based on the national interest, and in the long list of big serious policies should also be how we support people in need. The measure of any great country is how it takes care of its elderly and those less fortunate.

That’s the easy bit. What’s difficult is the ability to cut through with anything meaningful that doesn’t get reduced to three word slogans or mere lip service.  Something voters can believe in and are willing to risk because it is meaningful and sensible and focused. This is very difficult in a conflicted media environment with too many voices and misinformation to contend with or filter. And to make things more difficult there are plenty of candidates to choose from. Liberal, Labor, Nationals, Greens, independents, Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer and new comers Climate200. It’s quite a show that will be fought seat by seat and by all forms of media. Forget the polling anything is possible in this election.

The team at SAS Group have spent years working towards better understanding the difficulty this presents for business and those affected by policies that can have a huge impact on their lives. This is why we stay close to the policies, the issues and the people that create change.

Elections are never guaranteed for either side and almost always characterised by a single issue or single event that swings it one particular way. That hasn’t happened yet but we are keeping a close eye on proceedings. If you want to know more about this election and how it might affect you then please feel welcome to speak with one of our well informed team.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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