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Hon. Bernie Ripoll, Director 

The sudden and tragic passing of my dear friend and former colleague Senator Kimberley Kitching reminds us of how precious life is and how short it can be. None of us are spared from loss of family and friends in our own lives. The passing of a friend never gets easier or less painful. 

The SAS Group sends our heartfelt condolences to Kimberley’s family for their loss. The parliament and the country are made poorer from her passing. Kimba, as she was known to many of her friends was a passionate intellectual who challenged the norm and worked hard to achieve better things for her community, always with a focus on national interest and global affairs. 

She was not someone who feared controversy, rather always leaned into her strong beliefs and those she supported. She was a person who committed her life’s work to public service and the good of the people. She did that through the political process and was a great contributor to public life. 

Many great words will be recorded in the parliament and the community about her contribution and service. Indeed, there is much to recall and record in the history books.

With that we say, "Kimberly, we will miss you, we are sad for losing you and we will never forget you".

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