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21st November 2019

CEO of SAS client National Retail Association Dominique Lamb unveiled Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and Christmas spend forecasts for 2019 at a media conference at Rebel Sport in Queen Street Mall.

Ms Lamb said shoppers were set to splurge more than $50,000 per minute in online sales, and the total retail spend forecast to easily surpass the $50 billion barrier.

“We’re seeing a growing trend with consumers looking to knock off their Christmas shopping earlier than usual, with November starting to edge out December as the busiest period. Bargain sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have only heightened this trend,” Ms Lamb said.

“The NRA is forecasting a massive $1.3 billion to be spent online over the upcoming four days and throughout the entire Christmas period shoppers will splurge an average of $54,357 per minute in online sales alone.”

NRA Christmas Spend Forecast

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