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1st November 2019

With Britain about to head to the polls for the third time in four and a half years and Donald Trump set to face an impeachment trial in the US, Australian politics could be said to be going through a relatively quiet phase.

However, as a nation we are not without our challenges and that’s certainly the case for those in regional areas battling the crippling drought.

Much of Eastern Australia remains in desperate need of rain and it is certainly an anxious time for all drought affected communities. The Government has already announced a raft of financial assistance packages but more are expected to follow. As the harsh conditions continue to beset rural communities, the issue will remain at the centre of all things federal politics.

The Government is also close to ratifying three free trade deals with Indonesia, Peru and Hong Kong. Legislation – which packages together all three proposed agreements – is expected to be voted on in late November. Labor has flagged its support for the deals, conditional on some amendments, despite strong protest from sections of the union movement.

As the parliamentary year winds down, players on both sides of the political aisle will begin to turn their attention to 2020. The Prime Minister will no doubt want to spend next year consolidating his position following an unexpected win in May, while Anthony Albanese will move to further outline his policy agenda as Labor leader.

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