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Crisis Management

  • Engaging your stakeholders – easy to do, but also easy to mess up


    Malcolm Cole
    Director - Media and Communications

    This blog is not about rugby league. And it’s especially not about a recent jersey controversy featuring the Manly Sea Eagles. Because I’m a bit sick of hearing about it, and you might be as well.

    This is just a general column about the importance of engaging with stakeholders who are going to be involved in a major change in your organisation, or even what might not seem a major change to you but perhaps does to them.

  • How to communicate bad news

    Written by Mitch Collier, Media and Communications Consultant

    No one enjoys being the bearer of bad news and no one enjoys being the receiver of bad news, regardless the context. However, how you communicate a message to someone they’re not going to like is crucial to control the fallout.

  • Reputational risk is often your first warning to prevent the business burning down

    shutterstock 576862294

    Paddy Hintz, Senior Consultant 

    As crisis communications professionals, we’re often called in to put out reputational spot fires. Like any firefighter, we pray that we are called in early enough to prevent the type of conflagration that can bring down careers and severely dent the bottom line. 

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