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Trust is a powerful word. It is the essence of every successful relationship. At the SAS Group, trust is the focus of everything we do. We create trust with our clients through our actions, behaviours and values, not words. We are honest, responsive and reliable because integrity builds trust. Without trust you have nothing, but with trust, together we can achieve great things.


At the SAS Group, we strive to stand apart from the crowd.  We have the experienced personnel for the whole suite of services required to effectively manage a campaign, an issue or project - all in the one company. Our in-house services include: government relations, stakeholder relations, strategic communications, media relations, digital strategy, and issues and crisis management. This diversified service offering means issues can be managed quickly and efficiently across the public relations spectrum. It facilitates an approach where we are able to manage and provide a consistent message that builds trust with key political, media and business stakeholders. All services are integrated into our domestic and international clients' business strategies. A client can choose one or all depending on their requirements.

Powerful, purposeful connections

Through our extensive networks we create powerful, purposeful connections for businesses and organisations. Our leadership team has excelled in the business, government and communication sectors, holding senior executive positions in the private sector and Ministerial positions in the Federal Government.  This means we can open the right doors to ensure your message is heard. We solve tough problems because we are trusted across a wide and varied network of influencers.  In promoting our clients' brands, we identify critical stakeholder groups that will have a positive impact on an organization and then establish and cultivate positive relationships which we can then leverage for successful outcomes.

Hard-won experience at your fingertips

The SAS Group's senior executive team is involved with every client, so when it comes to matters of quality, reputation management and client service you are in good hands. By offering truly senior people, who deliver outstanding work, leadership and wisdom, with a personalised attention and focus, we ensure our clients receive value for money and maximise their chances of achieving their business goals.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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