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The Hon Bernie Ripoll, Director 

Loss and grief are emotions we have all faced in our lives, sadly on too many an occasion. This grief manifests in different forms for a special loved one, a family member, a friend, or even a pet. And sometimes grief can be of a national sense.

This is the loss of an important symbol representing multiple generations. Queen Elizabeth II was that special person who transcended generations and represented the best in global leadership.

Loved by many and the vast majority, be they monarchist or republican (Australian for Head of State in our context). This is not to make an argument for either but simply to point to a person that was respected and loved by both. 

The Queen’s unfailing commitment over more than 70 years on the throne of the Commonwealth and the people of the Commonwealth is unmatched and perhaps will remain as such. And this could be the real change we see in future years as the monarchy, an anathema in the modern day that a person is born to rule, will need to redefine itself with the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as the world.

As much as this benevolent British institution has much to celebrate it must also reconcile with its colonial past and modernity.

For Australians this is a time to mourn, pay respect and remember the greatness that was Queen Elizabeth II, and also to consider our own future and identity in the era of a new Head of State, a King. The King of Australia that shall rule over us and the Commonwealth.

King Charles has no doubt been a patient man and had ample opportunity to hone the skills of royal life and rule. Whether our new monarch and the modern royal family can garner the same level of love and respect of their mother will be up to His Highness and the royals.

For now though, there is no doubt of the great love and affection Australians have for their late Queen and what she meant to the nation. That grief and celebration of a great life is on public display for all to share. God save the King.

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