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Written by Malcolm Cole, Director Media and Communications

Making a regular effort on your blog and social media is more than about just marketing and keeping your SEO rankings up.

Writing about your business and your achievements is a very good discipline that forces you to really think about what you are doing, and those great success stories that you should be telling.

Often, when the SAS Group team is starting a project with a new client, one of the goals is to achieve what the PR industry calls “earned media” (that’s free coverage in the paper, radio or TV to normal English-speaking people).

Our starting point is to focus on the client’s “owned media” (website, blogs, social media platforms and so on). Why? Because this is where you should start telling your stories first.

When we find a client who is unable to say what’s interesting and different about their business or organisation, it’s almost always because they are not having the internal conversation first – looking for those interesting stories to share with each other.

Sometimes they are “too busy” to put in the effort.  Sometimes they genuinely don’t have much to say and we really need to work with them to bring out their best.

Most often, however, they simply don’t realise that the things they do over and over again every day might be intriguing or fascinating to the public.  And “fascinating to the public” is rolled gold for achieving free media coverage.

For example, over recent years we have worked with clients who: 

  • Manufactured bespoke, photo-covered coffins
  • Conducted world-leading environmental rehabilitation
  • Created extraordinary disruptive IT solutions for traditional government services
  • And fundamentally reshaped the way mining operations are conducted.

But because it’s the Australian way to just get on with the job, rather than engage in self-promotion, they considered their best achievements largely unremarkable. And so, they went largely unremarked.

In looking for great stories to tell the public, we first ask our clients to look at the stories they tell their closest circle – family, friends, business confidantes. If what you’re doing is interesting to them, it’s most likely going to be interesting to others.

Making a regular commitment to your company blog, or even a brief share on social media, is a great way to develop the discipline of looking hard at your own business to see where the gems are.  When you have a deadline, you really have to look hard for the gold – your best people stories, your most innovative business solutions, your recent wins.

Once you have been through that process, you will find you spend less time staring at a blank screen when it’s your turn to do the blog post.

And if you’re still struggling, you can always contact The SAS Group for help.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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