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Friday 2 July 2021

The Queensland government has extended the lockdown for Brisbane LGA for another 24 hours, while the other LGAs in SEQ and North Queensland will be lifted out of lockdown as planned at 6pm tonight.

Premier Palaszczuk, together with the Victorian and WA Premiers, will be pushing for a lower intake of international arrivals at today's National Cabinet meeting, which the Prime Minister is likely to endorse.

The number of international arrivals has become a major point of concern as the state is reaching capacity of hotel rooms available for quarantine and is the cause of most leaks of the virus. Expectations within the Queensland Government are that it may be cut by between 50-75 per cent.

Following the passing of Duncan Pegg MP, the Stretton by-election to fill the vacancy will be held on Saturday, 24 July. This is a safe Labor seat and it's likely that the Labor candidate James Martin, who used to work for Mr Pegg, will be elected comfortably.

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