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The Labor government is dealing with ongoing issues in the health portfolio, which has received significant attention in the media, and has been prosecuted by the Opposition in Parliament.

We also saw the government having to deal with the fallout of the explosion at the Callide power station, which saw almost half a million people lose power across the state.

The Government did however have a win this week with the announcement that Queensland has secured the opportunity to have Origin 1 played in Townsville at the new North Qld Stadium. While some in the media have criticised the cost, it will be particularly welcomed by the hospitality businesses and the community more broadly in North Queensland.

Queensland Labor will hold its annual State Conference this weekend, 4-6 June, in Brisbane, where there are a couple of proposals which cause a headache for the state government and Federal Labor’s campaign at the next federal election. Two of these have set up a potential showdown between left and right unions in relation to mine safety, and the other is about a new body to oversee resources projects, which could be considered more red tape as it would duplicate some existing government bodies.


Melbourne’s lockdown will now be extended for a further seven days due to the ongoing spread of the highly contagious Indian strain of COVID-19. This brings new headaches for the state government but is also highlighting the slow pace of the vaccine rollout. Acting Premier James Merlino has attacked the Federal Government for not providing a support package for Victorian businesses and workers and also blamed the slow vaccine rollout for this recent lockdown.

New South Wales

After seeing Labor’s primary vote go backwards in the Upper Hunter by-election and lack of traction generally, New South Wales Opposition Leader Jodi McKay has resigned from the leadership. The race is now on between Michael Daley MP and Chris Minns MP for the leadership of New South Wales Labor. Party HQ and others are hoping only one candidate officially nominates and there isn’t a long and costly ballot of party members.

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