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Friday, 26 March 2021

Message from the Managing Director - Peter Costantini OAM

What should have been a positive sitting fortnight for the Federal Government – on the back of globally leading economic and jobs results and the roll out of the COVID vaccine – turned into the equivalent of a horror show. 

The snowballing public sentiment surrounding Brittany Higgins’ speaking out, the accusations against Christian Porter, Grace Tame’s National Press Club speech, the March 4 Justice rallies, Nicole Flint’s allegations of harassment and stalking, and the many public statements from female political leaders, students and others, has been unprecedented. The Prime Minister and his Government were caught up in this rapidly growing momentum and public shift in the shared frustrations expressed by so many women about inappropriate behaviour and culture that persists in parts of our society.   

Prominent media personalities and a few political opponents have been salivating at the thought that the Prime Minister might move to reshuffle Linda Reynolds and Christian Porter from their current portfolios. Emotions have been running high and many comments have been made that people will come to regret. Peter Dutton, for example, received an unreserved apology from Larissa Waters for awful comments made about him during the week. Not diminishing the seriousness of the matters shared by those above, there has been a lot of mud thrown and some has stuck. So, notwithstanding our rule of law, our adherence to fair process and presumption of innocence, it seems the Prime Minister will be forced into a reshuffle; the second in three months.  

Over the past couple of months with travel between States and Territories opening up, the SAS Group team has been energetically taking our clients’ issues into Governments across the country. From major electrical infrastructure, some of our country’s largest critical manufacturing, major resource industries, to drug and alcohol support, training, national automotive franchising and finance sectors codes, our team has been very active. But in welcoming you to this edition of the Inside Word, I just had to share with you the SAS Group Photo of the Week from outside the office one of our great clients, Nufarm, in Melbourne.  Not something one sees every day! Have a wonderful month ahead.

IMG 20210324 WA0000 copy

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