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Friday, 26 February 2021

The great digital news ban of 2021 has been a giant game of chicken between traditional media outlets and the Federal Government on one side, and internet search and social media on the other. 

The legislation passed the Parliament this week, and we’ve seen a number of news organisations sign deals with Google to allow their news material to appear in searches.  From today, we’ve also seen Facebook reverse its earlier decision to block Australian news sites from its platform.  That issue still has a way to go before it’s settled, but it has highlighted two important factors – firstly, the power of traditional media to influence government decision making, and secondly the importance of digital platforms for the survival of traditional media.

The same news organisations that had campaigned for Facebook to no longer allow its users to share news content for free all joined in a chorus of outrage when Facebook put an end to the practise.

Clearly it was more money than the principle that those old media groups were interested in.

Either way, it showed the importance of both. The SAS Group can help you to sharpen your message and maximise your impact, whether in traditional or digital media.

We’ve had a very successful month, and I hope you enjoy reading about our achievements for the Small Steps for Hannah Foundation and Sekisui House.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Malcolm Cole
Director, Media & Communications

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