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Welcome to this month’s edition of the Inside Word. The phrase 20:20 hindsight is often used to refer to people who are experts in a particular subject, after the fact. But once next year rolls around, 2020 hindsight might become a catch-phrase for remembering (or trying to forget) the strangest year we have ever known.

Enough has been written about that disease and its economic impact to last us several lifetimes. There’s no doubt it cast a long shadow across the Queensland election last weekend, as well as the US Presidential Election earlier this week. It’s probably fitting that the strangest year on record should mark the end of the most unusual Presidency (for better or for worse – be your own judge) in living memory.

For our part, I know that our dedicated team here at the SAS Group has worked hard to maintain contacts with our valued clients throughout 2020, even when we have been prevented from seeing you face to face.  We look forward to a return to more regular interactions in 2021 as restrictions of meetings hopefully become a thing of the past, and state and international borders are opened up again.

Even in all this upheaval, however, some things have remained steadfast and true. To keep some routine in our lives, the Wallabies have returned to their normal status of getting thumped by the All Blacks, after giving us a glimmer of hope early on in the series. There’s one last chance that they might deliver an unusual end to an unusual year when they play again in Brisbane tomorrow night. Otherwise, speed on 2021…


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