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The Queensland election campaign is officially underway as Premier Palaszczuk visited Government House to dissolve Parliament. 

Both the Premier and Opposition Leader are not entertaining making deals with minor parties or independents and are asking the electorate for a majority government. This is a particularly important message that focuses on the theme of stability in a time of great uncertainty. 

Last week border restrictions eased allowing Queenslanders to travel into northern New South Wales and more importantly some 150,000 New South Wales residents will be eligible to spend their tourism dollars in Queensland. This will be a welcome, if limited, boost to tourism operators and those working in the hospitality sector. The government also released a roadmap to further easing of border and other restrictions for the remainder of this year.

Recently we’ve seen a number of big announcements from both sides emphasising the unusual nature of this election with a high number of postal and pre-poll votes being cast. The LNP announced a $33 billion spend over 15 years to four-lane the Bruce Highway from Gympie to Cairns. While the Premier announced an additional 2,025 police personnel by 2025 and 25 more mobile police beats.

Government Ministers have fanned out across regional Queensland over the past week or so announcing local ‘economic recovery plans’ attached with announcements for hospital, road and other infrastructure upgrades up and down the coast.

The Federal Budget which was handed down this week announced a huge increase in debt and spending which will benefit Queensland with the Federal Government partnering with the state to deliver critical infrastructure and transport projects. 

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