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By Malcolm Cole
Director - Media and Communications

This column is about the one topic that has dominated the news, social media and water cooler conversations more than any other in 2020.  Yes – it’s the Brisbane Broncos coaching position.

Okay, well maybe there been one other major issue. But we’re all sick of talking and reading about that so let’s focus on something that almost every organisation will face at some point in its life – a change in its leadership or key personnel.

It’s something we at the SAS Group have helped numerous clients with over the years (and something we have also managed ourselves once or twice). And whether it’s bringing a new person on board or saying goodbye to a high-profile person within your business, the key to a successful transition is taking a “no surprises” approach to your most important stakeholders.

Now obviously you can’t always share the detail of your internal workings, particularly when a major transition is in progress.  In reality, “no surprises” means letting your target groups know as soon as you reasonably can.  These will include your staff, clients, suppliers and friends, among others.

As always, these groups will be your best ambassadors and supporters – as long as they feel they have been told what’s going on and they understand why.  You can maximise your chances of a successful transition if you have a well-developed strategy in place to bring all these supporter groups on the journey with you.

If, on the other hand, they are suddenly presented with a major – and unexplained – change in their relationship with your business, you risk losing their support and potential losing clients, staff or supporters.

Thinking about the Broncos’ situation, sometimes you have no choice about how matters play out, and little opportunity to share your story with stakeholders before they hear about it through other channels.  Nonetheless, ensuring they hear your version of events as quickly and as frankly as possible will maximising your chances of maintaining goodwill.

And don’t forget, planning is the key.  These things rarely happen suddenly. As soon as you become aware that you are looking at major change within your organisation, you need to start planning to tell your story to the right people.

If you are facing a change of leadership or key personnel in your organisation, contact us to start planning the communications.

And c’mon the Bronx!!!

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