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In the last few weeks we’ve seen some internal divisions within the Queensland opposition party play out in a very public manner, which has given the government a much-needed break.

There was leaked polling suggesting Deb Frecklington might be in trouble heading into the election. Ironically though, Ms Frecklington’s detractors have been forced to back down and she has solidified her position, particularly within the parliamentary party. It’s clear the divisions that have surfaced between the parliamentary and organisational wings of the LNP must be resolved if they are to seriously challenge the government with only four months before the election.

While there’s been increased pressure from the media and a number of businesses, particularly tourism operators, the government is holding firm on the continued closure of the border until at least July 10. This position has been vindicated to some extent with the recent outbreak of cases in Victoria. Premier Palaszczuk has also said that she would be open to the idea of a travel bubble with New South Wales and other states with low rates of COVID-19. However, a decision on this will be discussed at the National Cabinet meeting today.  

The State and Federal Governments have also made a joint announcement of a further $415 million of funding for shovel-ready infrastructure projects to get projects going and people into work as soon as possible. This will be received well, particularly outside South-East Queensland.

The Palaszczuk Government has passed legislation that will reform the way elections are financed by introducing a cap on donation and election spending. The measures mean that there will be a cap on how much each party can spend per electorate that they’re nominated a candidate. Likewise, third-party organisations such as unions, industry bodies, groups like Get Up, etc. will be capped an amount per electorate with an overall limit enforced as well. If you’d like more information on the specific figures involved, please take a look this brief that we’ve prepared.

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