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Friday 1 May 2020

As is the case everywhere, Coronavirus continues to be front and centre regarding all things federal politics.

The stimulus measures have been legislated, Australia has so far been successful in flattening the curve and, at the time of writing, the Prime Minister has flagged mid-May as a possible time to start easing restrictions.

Meanwhile, almost 3 million Australians (again, at the time of writing) have downloaded the Government’s COVID-19 app. Following concerns regarding potential privacy breaches, the app has been developed with stringent guidelines on what data is recorded and how it can be used by the Government. If successful, the app will help in fast-tracking the lifting of some restrictions while also potentially saving lives.

Should Australia continue to effectively manage the spread of the virus and restrictions begin to be lifted in May, the Government’s focus will no doubt turn to the recovery phase. That would invariably involve further measures to assist businesses across all sectors get back on their feet in the hope of achieving a ‘V-Shape’ recovery whereby the economy experiences a substantial surge following a sharp decline. As always, the SAS Group will be ideally placed to help clients explore what recovery phase measures could be utilised by their organisation.

Finally, on a separate note, Labor MP Mike Kelly has announced his retirement this week. There is potential for a three-cornered contest, with candidates being fielded by both the Liberal and National Parties, as well as Labor. Details regarding the timing and how the vote will be conducted to conform with social distancing are yet to be announced.

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