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The focus in federal politics over the past month has largely been on the international front. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has travelled to the United States where he became only the second world leader to receive a state dinner under the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Australia faces a challenging period ahead as it attempts to juggle its traditional alliance with the United States and its economic partnership with China, with tensions rising between the two superpowers.

On the domestic front, drought continues to gain further attention as regional communities across the Eastern seaboard experience harsh conditions from lack of rainfall. The Government is preparing to spend further money to assist drought-affected communities and this will consume a large part of the domestic agenda in the coming months. Other areas of legislation currently in focus include industrial relations, religious discrimination and trade.

As 2019 enters its final quarter, the Government will hope that its legislated tax cuts will slowly start to rejuvenate a sluggish economy. Returning the budget to surplus will result in little political dividend if the economy does not pick up, particularly in the retail sphere. Meanwhile, the Opposition will continue to review its policies across a suite of issues following the May election.

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