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A roundup of an action-packed day in federal politics.

Leadership ballot

Earlier today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull defeated Peter Dutton 48 to 35 in a leadership ballot for the Prime Ministership of Australia. Consequently, Mr Dutton has stood down from his Ministerial role as Minister for Home Affairs and will move to the backbench.

The vote was instigated by the Prime Minister following days of leadership speculation and contention surrounding the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

The closeness of the vote leaves open the very real possibility of a second ballot taking place, most probably during one of the two sitting weeks in September.

Federal Labor reshuffle

Meanwhile Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has announced a reshuffle to the Shadow Ministry. Changes are as follows:

  • Linda Burney MP will take on the role of Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services, following Jenny Macklin’s announcement last month that she will retire at the next election;
  • In addition to his current portfolio of Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Husic MP will also take on the role of Human Services;
  • Terri Butler MP will take on the job of Shadow Minister for Employment Services, Workforce Participation and Future of Work, as well as maintain her current position as Shadow Minister for Young Australians;
  • Senator Jenny McAllister has been promoted to Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Communities; and
  • Senator Louise Pratt will take on the role of Shadow Assistant Minister for Universities.

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