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A number of policy announcements have been made this week by each of the major political parties in the lead up to the July 2 Federal Election. Please see below a list of the key commitments and a brief overview of each. Should you have any questions or would like any further information about any of the policy announcements listed below, please don't hesitate to contact the SAS Group on 07 3221 9222 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Labor Party 


Labor commits $50 million to upgrade notorious Appin Road

If elected, the Labor Government will commit $50 million towards the upgrade of Sydney’s Appin Road to improve capacity, safety and invest in local jobs.

Labor will work with State Government and private investors to secure the full funding amount which will go towards a full upgrade of the road, making it a dual carriageway.

Labor will ease Port Botany congestion and create jobs

Labor will invest $175 million to upgrade the freight rail line out of Port Botany if elected.  This funding will go towards duplicating the Rail which will free up the movement of goods for exporters and importers, reduce logistics costs and boost capacity, productivity and jobs.

The funding will also provide for a crossing loop at Warwick Farm in Sydney’s West, facilitating better movement by rail of containers and improving efficiency.

The funding is subject to an Infrastructure Australia Assessment however upgrading the freight rail line out of Port Botany is on the Infrastructure Australia priority list.

Labor’s $500 million commitment to Adelaide Jobs and Infrastructure

Labor has committed $500 million to the development of the AdeLINK project in Adelaide. This investment will deliver the initial stages of the project and will create approximately 2,000 jobs in the State.

The project will require joint funding from the State Government who have already contributed $4 million towards developing a business case for the network. AdeLINK is part of Infrastructure Australia’s Priority List and will require a positive assessment of the business case prior to approval.


Labor’s plan for advanced manufacturing jobs

A commitment of $59 million to the Manufacturing Transition Boost job package was announced by Labor to support the Victoria and South Australian Governments in delivering new jobs in the regions worst affected by motor vehicle production closures.

The jobs package will provide pathways to new jobs by attracting new business investment in advanced manufacturing. New incentives will be provided to organisations to diversify into new products and markets and employ automotive workers who are out of work due to motor vehicle production closures.


Water Safe: Labor’s Plan to help our kids swim and survive

Labor will invest $40.9 million to establish a new water safety program – Water Safe.  This commitment will support State and Territories to work with Government, Catholic and Independent schools, local schools and lifesaving clubs to ensure every student has access to a swimming and water safety program.

Labor’s commitment to family violence services

A Labor Government will invest $65 million over six years to provide funding certainly to the organisations delivering the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.

This funding is in addition to the $70 million over three years already committed to ensure those suffering from family violence can access critical services.  This funding will ensure 1800 RESPECT, Our WATCh and Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWs) are funded until 2021-22 allowing them to continue their critical work in tackling the scourge of family violence.

Liberal Party


$7 million to improve Australia’s Clinical Trial landscape

The Coalition Government will invest $7 million towards clinical trials as part of their national innovation and science agenda reform.  A re-elected Coalition Government will remove red tape barriers making it easier for clinic trials to take place in Australia and open doors for further investment to be added to international investment.  

The funding will go towards reorganising the existing regulation to improve regulatory harmonisation and regulatory mutual-recognition, improving recruitment and start-up timelines for large-scale trials in Australia, facilitate legal and ethics approvals and work with the National Health and Medical Research Council to make its digital portal available on new smart platforms to boost patient awareness.

PET Scanner for the Northern Territory

The Coalition has committed $15 million to fully fund a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner - a sensitive imaging procedure showing the chemical function of an organ or tissue, rather than its structure - for the Northern Territory if re–elected in July.  

This commitment includes both a scanner and cyclonic machine which will increase cancer treatments and keep patients close to their families and support. The PET Scanner will help detect and monitor cancer and other diseases, and can detect small amounts of tumor that are undetectable by other imaging procedures. 

The Coalition’s Plan for Continuous Glucose Monitoring

An investment of $54 million will be invested by the Coalition Government into subsiding continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology for children and young adults under 21 years old and facing extra challenges managing Type 1 diabetes, if re-elected.

This commitment is estimated to benefit as many as 400 children and young adults and may save the average family up to $4000 per year.


Trade and Investment to drive jobs and growth

A key election priority for the Coalition Government is to drive job creation and growth.  The Government, if re-elected, will launch free trade agreement negotiations with the European Union and explore the feasibility of trade negotiations with Canada, Mexico and Colombia and pursue opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region.

“New free trade agreements will create more Australian jobs and attract new investment.”

Protecting Vulnerable Workers in Australia

A re-elected Turnbull Government will deliver a $20 million funding increase for the capabilities and workforce of the Fair Work Ombudsman in a bid to stamp out exploitation by dishonest employers.

The Coalition’s plan, which is driven by the recent 7-Eleven inquiry into the failing to address the significant breaches of workplace laws, will look to deliver stronger protection for vulnerable works by increasing the penalties that apply to employers who underpay workers, introduce new offence provisions, deliver a $20 million funding increase to the Fair Work Ombudsman, strengthen the powers of the Fair Work Ombudsman and establish a Migrant works Taskforce that will target employers who exploit migrant workers.


Appin works to improve safety and unlock housing supply

The Coalition Government will invest $50 million in targeted works between Rosemeadow and Appin if re-elected in a bid to improve safety and unlock affordable housing.

The funding follows ‘The Appin Road Safety Review’ which showed there was 76 casualty crashes over five years on this stretch of road prior to 2012, including five fatalities. In addition to safety the plan aims to put downward pressure on housing affordability for Western Sydney Families.  

Delivering the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor

In a bid to support exporters, trade, jobs and growth, a re-elected Turnbull Government will invest $150 million towards the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor. This funding will provide a new eight kilometre rail freight line which will connect the North Coast Line directly to the Port of Townsville and will address an emerging bottleneck in the supply chain.

The Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor has been identified by Infrastructure Australia as a priority initiative and the project is supported by the Queensland Government. Creating around 300 jobs during the rail construction phase alone. This policy is part of the Coalition’s commitment to make the Australian economy more competitive and to broaden the development of Northern Australia.

$24 million to upgrade the Cairns Marine Precinct

The Coalition Government will invest $24 million to upgrade the Cairns Marine Precinct as part of their program to ensure Australia’s national security and economic security.

The funding will go towards upgrading the wharfs and floating docks within the Cairns shipyards, reconfiguring the Cairns refit yards and upgrading the workshops, hardstands and ship refit areas.

This funding is in addition to the $420 million already committed to develop additional wharf space and other support facilities at HMAS Cairns and also in addition to the $400 million of maintenance work announced for the replacement fleet of up to 21 Pacific Patrol Boats.

New traffic link to ease congestion in Darwin CBD

A re-elected Coalition Government will commit $29.5 million in the Barneson Boulevard project to ease congestion and improve access to the Darwin CBD. 

This project will provide a new 750 metre link from Tiger Brennan Drive to the Darwin CBD and new signalised intersections at Caanagh Street, McMinn Street and Tiger Brennan Drive; this funding takes the Coalition’s investment into the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive to $100 million.

Australian Ships, Jobs and Steel

The Prime Minister outlined his Government’s commitment to use Australian steel to build the first fleet of naval vessels to be commissioned in Australia since 2007. The Prime Minister announced that the $282 million contract was signed on May 5 with Austal, for its shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.

This contract will create over 120 jobs and will produce 19 steel-hulled vessels as part of the Government plan for Western Australia to transition away from a mining boom and into broader based growth.


Agriculture Package

The Greens have announced their agriculture package which would see $75 million in additional research and development over four years and $100 million over four years to establish a centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

The package will also reverse the backpackers tax whilst providing an extra $731 million in funding over the forward estimates for Landcare and additionally, a network of 180 ‘agricultural extension officers’ would be on hand to assist farmers apply for new technology to help them farm more efficiently and sustainably.  

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