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By Jonathan Pavetto, SAS Group Consultant

For even the most politically savvy operators, some issues can be too big, too hard or too complex to manage on your own – but this doesn’t mean you can’t bring about change.

Picture this: You’ve been running a successful business and you know how to make an honest dollar out of a day’s hard work. Then, there is a sudden change in government policy that will severely impact your operations and possibly force you to close your doors. You also know that you are too small, too powerless and not well-enough connected to affect change on your own.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, it is a risk all organisations must manage in their dealings with every level of government – irrespective of which political party is in office at the time.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take up the fight, but effectively engaging with regulators, policy makers and politicians is seldom easy, particularly if you’re on your own.

Collaborating with organisations facing similar challenges is an effective engagement tool, especially if you’re supported by the SAS Group.

With our network of experienced political practitioners and expert media and government relations consultants, we’ve perfected the art of building and maintaining issues-based alliances between small businesses, large corporates, industry associations and not-for-profit charities.

By engaging the SAS Group, we can help you bring together like-minded organisations, identify areas of common interest and develop an effective government relations and media campaign to suit your needs. By working with others, you’ll be able to make better use of scarce resources, cut through the day-to-day news cycle and make your voice heard. 

To date, we’ve been able to work with our clients to achieve significant success in the mental health, manufacturing, entertainment and utilities sectors.

Just remember: by working together, no challenge is too big, too hard or too complex – particularly if you’ve got the SAS Group on your side.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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