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By Elise Hodge, Account Associate, SAS Media and Communications

We have told you what you should include in your social media strategy: what platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to name a few), tips and tricks, and how to navigate them. While there’s no doubt social media should be a key makeup of your PR arsenal, there are a few no-nos that you should be aware of before you click ‘post’ – no one wants to end up making a big gaffe!

So let’s shed some light on the darker side of social media. Here’s my pick of the top 3 social media blunders:  

Not having a completed profile
It shouldn’t surprise you that who is the first of the ‘Five Ws’ (who, what, where, when, why), so why would you leave your business’ online profile blank and avoid telling your consumers who you are? Not to mention that a bare profile reduces your company’s credibility. It’s in your best interest to make sure your profile is as detailed as possible. Make sure you include a profile picture – preferably your company logo – a cover photo that shows what your company is all about, a website URL, location and phone number that tells them where and when to contact you, and a concise company bio that tells prospective clients why they need to engage your services.


Our Facebook profile includes all of the details prospective clients need to know.


Posting too much
People follow you because they like what you have to say. Your likes and shares are a reflection of how loyal your followers are to your brand. But just because they’re loyal, doesn’t mean they’re immune to post fatigue. You might have a lot to share with your audience, but before you post, ask yourself, “Do my followers care?” If they don’t, there’s no quicker way to lose them than spamming their feeds. To avoid your followers becoming frustrated, always push content that adds value for them!

Deleting or not responding to tweets, Facebook posts, comments and messages
One of the best ways to build an audience (and keep it) is by engaging in meaningful conversation. But the quickest way to destroy your business-consumer relationship is by ignoring comments or messages. So make sure you respond to all communication, even if it’s negative! As social media is in real time, it can be helpful to have a designated person to respond to comments – be it on Twitter, Facebook or another platform. And instead of losing sleep over every negative remark – take each one as an opportunity to respond clearly and possibly turn a critic into a fan. (Terrific examples can be seen on Tripadvisor – take note of each hotel’s responses to negative feedback).

Remember, just because there are a few grey areas that you should navigate with caution, it doesn’t mean social media is the big bad wolf! A modern business needs a presence on social media, and a strong one at that, to build credibility, rapport and to gain valuable insight into your market. Read about the 4 reasons your business needs social media

At SAS Media, we help our clients navigate the online world to get the most out of their social media experience. SAS Media helps clients understand why they need to connect online, who their audience is, what, when, how and where to post. We help clients understand what not to post to avoid finding themselves in the middle of an unrelenting social media storm. At SAS Media, we believe preparation is key, so we take the time to provide our clients with training workshops to assist in creating a social media management plan that suits their needs. Most of all, we are always on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help each and every one of our clients navigate any media storm that comes their way. Contact us today.

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