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By Malcolm Cole
Director – Media and Communications

You sometimes hear musicians or actors joke that it took them decades of effort to become an over-night success. While they were clearly talented and worthy, it required the planets to align in a particularly way for them to break through. The same can be said for breaking through in a media and communications sense.

Our client Master Electricians Australia recently featured in a news story on ABC TV's 7.30. It was a high quality analysis of a serious safety problem in Australian households – the poor level of safety switch protection against preventable injuries and deaths.

The journalist dealt with the issue in a thoughtful and substantial way, based on the lived experience of parents who had lost sons to preventable electrical accidents. However, the real tragedy is that Master Electricians has been raising this issue in the media for many years.

With help from the SAS Media and Communications team, Master Electricians has conducted hundreds of media interviews over the past five years highlighting the importance of safety switches. In fact, it has become difficult to interest media organisations in the issue anymore, such has been the success of their advocacy. Yet every now and then, as was the case with 7.30, a journalist comes along with fresh eyes, and presenting a fresh opportunity to make the important arguments again. 

This shows the importance of persistence in your efforts to attract media coverage. It is almost certain that you won't become a media star overnight. But if your content is worthy and you have the right approach, you will eventually gain some traction. And if you persevere with your media engagement efforts, you will continue to experience that traction in the long term. Quality content, capable spokespeople and finding the right opportunity are all critically important. But nothing takes the place of perseverance.

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