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By Elise Eyears, Account Associate

Did you know social networking is the number one use of the internet?

There are more than two billion social connectors generating more than three billion expressions per day. 

 Why do people use social media? 

98% to learn

78% to share knowledge

49% to access needed expertise 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms social connectors are using. Love them or loathe them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that can afford to ignore them.

These social media platforms have endless potential for helping your business prosper into the future, as long as you arm yourself with a well-thought-out strategy before heading online. SAS Media’s four top tips are:

1. Listen to your network

  • Identify new and potential customers and nurture them through one-on-one relationships
  • Monitor your competition, understand your detractors, and see what’s working in your market
  • Track popular phrases and keywords; get new content ideas
  • Locate influencers and decision makers in real time

2. Offer the solutions your customers deserve

  • Listen to conversations online and engage with customers who are having problems
  • Deliver quick and effective one-on-one support
  • Be the personable, easy-to-talk-to representative that your customers expect

3. Amplify your brand, not your expenses

  • Your employees probably have a number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections, so tap into those wherever you can
  • Empower your team to share your content with their networks to amplify it quickly and efficiently

4. Use visual storytelling

  • Social media campaigns have the momentum to surpass traditional advertising methods
  • Use images, videos and links to inform and engage your audience 

At times, the world of social media can be a little overwhelming. At SAS Media, we can help take the stress off your shoulders by assisting you in delivering the social media strategy your business needs. We believe preparation is the key to avoiding social media mishaps – failing to plan is planning to fail in the online world. That’s why we help our clients understand and address potential threats before they arise. At SAS Media, we help our clients understand why they should post, as well as what, when, how and where to post. We help them create content that is widely appealing and relevant to their target audience. We devise strategic social media management plans and incorporate them into our training workshops. Most of all, we are always on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help each and every one of our clients navigate the world of social media. 

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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