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At the SAS Group we treasure our reputation as trusted advisors operating with honesty and integrity. Indeed, nothing is more important to us. 

The last few weeks have obviously been dominated by the ‘integrity issues’ plaguing the government. After a deluge of negative media coverage for the government, the Premier has announced an inquiry into the handling of some of the concerns raised across the public service.

Nino Lalic, Senior Consultant 

Most people we work with would say ‘yes’ to this question. However, on closer inspection, not all are – and there are legitimate reasons for this.

Malcolm Cole, Director – Media and Communications

My colleague and friend Larry Anthony shared a political analysis earlier this week posing the question whether Scott Morrison is – or might be – a political Houdini.

Hon. Larry Anthony, Chairman

Houdini, a magician famous for his ability to escape chains and handcuffs under water, is long gone. But can some of that amazing magic live on, politically speaking, to help Scott Morrison escape the train wreck coming?

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