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Following the recent New South Wales election Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced her new Ministry.

Winston Harris
Senior Consultant

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety hearings resumed in Adelaide on Monday 18th March, which makes this the third week of public hearings since early February. Some of the headlines as reported in the mainstream media so far have been sobering and stand as a stark reminder to us all, that how we look after elderly Australians, our parents and grandparents in many cases has not been up to standard or community expectations.

Mitchell Collier
Media and Communications Consultant

One of the oldest tactics in the media playbook when confronting a crisis is to create a diversion. A bit of smoke and mirrors can take the attention of the media – and therefore the public – away from an issue you don’t want them talking about.

Malcolm Cole, Director – Media and Communications

Here at the SAS Group, we spend a lot of time working with clients to anticipate, plan for and – hopefully – avoid crisis situations. At the heart of all of the response plans we prepare is a single, simple, philosophy:

Open and honest dealings with the people affected by your issue will always lead you to the best possible result.

Lisa Palu, Senior Consultant

You’ve just received confirmation of a time and date to meet with a government Minister key to your company’s business.

Congratulations! It may have taken a while and been difficult to get this meeting, or it may have taken just one phone call and a follow up email. Either way, you now have at least half an hour of one-on-one undivided attention from somebody who can make a real difference to your company’s future.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.