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When journalists approach you, or when an opportunity arises to promote your organisation in the media, it's essential that you respond quickly and effectively. SAS Group understands what the media needs, and we use this understanding to maximise positive exposure for you.

We act as your organisation’s day-to-day contact point for journalists, helping you capitalise on media opportunities in the fastest and most effective way. We can advise you on the course of action likely to lead to the largest volume of positive coverage. And we can shelter you from the deluge of calls and media requests that accompanies a major news event. As your media relations partner, SAS Group will:

  • Help you identify opportunities for positive media coverage;
  • Write and distribute media releases and statements on your behalf;
  • Approach journalists and target media organisations to sell your story;
  • Act as your organisation’s initial contact point for journalists;
  • Help you develop and maintain links with relevant journalists;
  • Advise you on responses to difficult issues; and
  • Speak to the media on your behalf when required.

CEOs and business leaders devote much of their time to planning their organisation's future - formulating its vision and mission statement, determining critical success factors, and fine tuning strategies and actions.

However if the people who will have the greatest impact on the success of that plan - your key stakeholders - are not with you on the journey, your ability to achieve your business outcomes are compromised.  From your customers, suppliers and employees to politicians, regulators and external influencers, you need to understand your audience and know how to connect with them. And once you understand the total environment, you need a measurable and achievable plan for success.


The SAS Group is here to connect you with your most important stakeholders, where ever they might be.  Whether you need to influence government, the media, the public, your industry or even your own staff, we can help you get your messahe across.

Contact us to find out how you can target your communications efforts for greater business success.

Strategic Communications

The SAS Group will help you understand and connect with your most important stakeholders, in every facet of your busness. Read more...


Government Relations

The SAS Group can help you get your message across to politicians and bureaucrats with sound strategy, persuasive advocacy and assistance with relationship management. Read more...

Media relations

The SAS Group understands the media and what they need, and we use this experience to help maximise positive exposure for you. Read more...

Media training

Our highly experienced journalists will teach you the most successful media techniques, and give you the opportunity to test them out in practical, real-world interview scenarios. Read more...

Stakeholder engagement

The SAS Group can help you develop a communications program to connect you with your staff, suppliers, clients, associates, government and other key stakeholders. Read more...

Policy and research

We will work with you to develop effective, evidence-based argument and policy to support your organisational goals. Read more...

Corporate advisory

We provide a targeted business-to-business service to leverage commercial opportunities for our clients in the industrial, resources and infrastructure sectors. Read more...

Issues & crisis management

When your reputation is under threat, the SAS Group can help you calm the situation, minimise damage in the media, and help you protect your good name and maintain public trust. Read more...


Former Federal Ministers the Hon Con Sciacca AO (Labor) and the Hon Larry Anthony (Coalition), together with Chief Executive Peter Costantini, established the SAS Group in mid 2009. SAS China commenced with Victoria Qiu in 2011 offering specialist advisory services. In 2014, the SAS Group added a dedicated media and communications practice, led by former senior journalist and Federal Ministerial media adviser Malcolm Cole.

The SAS Group head office is in Brisbane, with representation in Sydney and Canberra. 

The SAS Group has built on its strong reputation and diversified its service offering to provide a range of corporate advisory, government relations, communications and stakeholder management services to its domestic and international clients.

The SAS Group is a team of professionals with a unique mix of skills and political backgrounds: people with a comprehensive knowledge of the political and legislative processes; proven experts in a variety of public policy areas; and with extensive private sector experience.

The SAS Group is a strategic, results-oriented consultancy with influence across the spectrum of political parties and experience offering a truly multi-partisan and collaborative approach.

We have experience working in most key industry sectors. We work with a growing base of clients predominantly in the medium to large scale corporate and association sectors.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.