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The SAS Group has considerable experience and expertise in strategic development, leadership and operations across a variety of corporate structures.

The SAS Group also provides a targeted business-to-business service to leverage commercial opportunities for our clients. Much of this work has occurred in the industrial, resources and infrastructure sectors. The team can provide support through all stages of the transaction process.

HLB Chessboard 

The SAS Group and HLB Chessboard have a strategic alliance to provide taylored services for corporate advisory solutions to clients. 

HLB Chessboard believes that through the right relationships and the right strategy, you can create great opportunities for your business and achieve your ultimate objectives. The value in HLB Chessboard’s expert advice is that it focuses on what is important to their clients. 

HLB Chessboard leverages its extensive network of relationships including an expert advisory board, sophisticated Investment Partners and financiers to deliver on the needs of our clients.

As with any good chess game, ultimate success lies in having the right strategy.  HLB Chessboard delivers high quality strategic advice to assist businesses with making decisions including specialist advice to public and private businesses in:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Capital raising;
  • Valuation services;
  • Transaction services; and
  • Strategic advice.

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Hand in hand with government relations is the need to strategically align and implement effective stakeholder engagement and communication strategies. The SAS Group can help you to identify and map key stakeholders and influencers, prepare a stakeholder engagement strategy and develop a related communications program to engage government and non-government organisations, industry bodies and your staff, suppliers, clients and associates.

Through identifying those key stakeholders that can support your business strategies and goals, your organisation will benefit from engaging in meaningful communication with them. Third-party engagement and subsequent endorsement can be especially powerful, particularly during periods of major activity or organisational change such as mergers, takeovers or restructuring.

From regular bulletins and emails to one-off brochures and information kits, we can give you the tools you need to ensure your most important stakeholders understand your direction and support your vision.

Sound planning and a clear-eyed understanding of the landscape are critical to achieving success in a government relations campaign. The SAS Group can help you develop effective, evidence-based argument and policy to support your campaign. Our team consistently researches and analyses government and opposition policies, giving you access to instant and comprehensive information on potential opportunities and obstacles for your business.

We can undertake audits of your existing government, corporate or media relations activities, as well as those of your competitors. We can assess those tactics that have worked previously, and help you refine the ones that are yet to succeed. We then use this information to develop a strategy that supports your overall business plan.  

In the increasingly complex environment that connects government, industry and business, making your voice heard can seem like an impossible task. The SAS Group can help you with effective government relations strategies, supported by an experienced and capable team, to maximise your chances of success.

Our services include:

  • Strategic reviews and counsel to interface effectively with government, industry and the public;
  • Persuasive advocacy in relation to policy, priorities and programs; and
  • Relationship management, networking, engagement and consultation with political representatives, government officials and business leaders.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.