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Peter Costantini, Managing Director 

Earlier this year, I wrote to you about the SAS Group Integrity Charter. This is our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in our dealings with clients, public servants, and elected representatives. Our aim, in applying these values, is to go further than the behaviours required under the Lobbying Codes of Conduct. 

peter coaldrake ao

Queensland politics has been dominated by two significant events throughout June: the delivery of the 2022/23 State Budget, and the release of Peter Coaldrake’s final report and recommendations following his review into culture and accountability in the Queensland public service. 


It’s been just under six weeks since the election of the Albanese Government, and – on the surface at least – it seems the new Prime Minister and his team have settled comfortably into the Ministerial wing at Parliament House.


Hon Larry Anthony AO, Chairman 

Winning a fourth term in Government is a herculean effort. SAS Group Director Larry Anthony stirs the pot of public sentiment to determine how the NSW and Queensland governments will manage the task.

media signpost showing internet television newspapers magazines and radio M1GfCMwO e1487712141933 3d749c65

Malcolm Cole, Director of Media and Communications 

Plenty has been written in recent years about the demise of traditional media, and how the plethora of entertainment and information sources, including social media, are taking traffic from the longest-standing news sites.

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