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Thursday, October 4, 2018

National Retail Association welcomes newest recruit – baby Wilhelmina

National Retail Association (NRA) CEO Dominique Lamb and husband Tony Kuhlmann have today welcomed the safe arrival of a baby girl, Wilhelmina.

Ms Lamb said ‘Minnie’ was the newest addition to a long line of savvy female retailers, citing her mother and her immigrant grandmother as inspirational, innovative business owners who carved up what had been a traditionally male-owned industry.

“My fellow Generation X women, and Generation Y and Millennial women, have inherited a business environment that is filled with opportunity from women like my mother and grandmother, and we’re thrilled to now be welcoming Minnie into the fold. 

“This is an entirely different landscape to the one navigated by the Silent Generation and Baby Boomer women when they were forging their business paths, when many had to have permission from their husbands to even have a job, let alone be considered for a business loan.

“I take my hat off to those who went before me and now before Minnie – the women who paved the way for generations of businesswomen to come,” she said.

Weighing in at 7lb 7ozs and 50cm long, it may be a few years yet before she follows in her mother’s, grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s retailing footsteps!


The National Retail Association is Australia’s largest and most representative retail industry association.  It has been serving businesses in the retail and fast food sectors for close to 100 years.

Contact the NRA’s media unit on (07) 3240 0163.

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